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Laboratory diagnostic testing is an important component of caring for and treating your pet. Dignity Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a full in-house laboratory, where we can perform a number of diagnostic tests. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to get results faster, so your pet can be treated sooner and recover sooner. Some blood test results are even available on the same day. Laboratory testing is often essential when a pet is sick, but can also benefit healthy pets by establishing results for a baseline health screen. This baseline health screen can be beneficial if your pet becomes sick, in determining any changes, indicating a problem. Kidney, liver, diabetes and even thyroid problems are often seen in older patients. These tests are often included in a senior profile so that we can make sure your pet is healthy, or that they begin treatment if anything is abnormal.

Some common blood panels that we perform:

  • in-house labT4-Thyroid
  • Urinalysis
  • CBC- Complete blood count
  • Chemistry panel
  • Fine needle aspiration
  • Ear or skin cytology
  • Blood glucose testing

Often we will ask that you bring a fresh stool sample in on a yearly basis. This test is performed in an outside laboratory and detects any intestinal parasites that your pet may have. Some intestinal parasites can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, not only are we protecting your pet, but often times your family members as well.

Some things laboratory test can reveal:

  • labKidney and/or liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heartworm disease
  • Tick borne diseases
  • Feline Leukemia
  • FIV- Feline immunodeficiency virus (Kitty Aids)
  • Hyper or Hypo-thyroidism
  • Cushing's disease
  • Anemia

Dignity Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic care for your pets.  Our in-house lab is designed just for this. If you would like to schedule an in-house test for your pet, please call us at 480-508-5515. 

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